Got into an argument the other day over the definition of scripting languages.

He said python isn’t because it can be compiled while I said it can be both since you can you can use without compiling. Same could be said for Java when using with Selenium for automation.


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    Scripting languages are scripting languages because of the way they're used, not the way they're run.
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    @Queman just to add on. I agree here. I have had occasions when i have used java to make scripts for automating things, and vice versa. I dont think it should be scripting languages, it should depend on the application that defines whether it is a script or not.
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    scripting languages are a script for a program. meaning their code is injected to an ecisting program to control/automate it.

    what you were talking about sounds like difference between interpreted and compiled languages
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    @Midnigh-shcode Simillar, but scripted tasks can run outside of another program
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    @Queman you mean bat/bash/sh/powershell/etc scripts?
    the ones being parsed and interpreted from text by operating system?
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