I started at a company to develop an "uber" clone. Hired by the company's cto. I was happy initially as i had been unemployed for a while but that's because i didn't see the shitstorm coming. The task was build this using php, well 2 weeks later and db locking issues because mysql only allows 100 connections and the website takes over 200mb per request, i tried using the meteor framework, a lil better but the orphaned process would require me to reboot every 2 days. So enter erlang, built in 3 weeks works amazing problems none here... Well in comes the cto (which came in once a week). Apparently he had been reviewing my code and didn't understand it. He couldn't understand no for loops etc and demanded that it be made understandable to a normal dev. Did normal devs write uber no. Anyhow i spent the next 6 Weeks refactoring trying to make elixir looks like imperative programming, he finally gave up, so now I'm deep committed writing an API, finish in a week cto comes in and "why aren't you using patch" i don't need it, well another day implanting a patch api that will never be used. Ok done. Now we have a meeting with the investors who i worked in the same building with and they want a frontend built. I explained i was a backend dev and they needed a uiux expert. Next week cto comes back with this jquery fire pit and stolen bootstrap theme and take me with implementing it. This time we scrap the api change some of the backend logic and implement rest from the 90s one static page per request. After 3 months working with jquery I'm let go because of finical issues. I told them i was a backend dev but they didn't listen if the cto would've gotten a frontend expert things would be different but what to expect from a cto who's coding legacy is creating WordPress plugins.

Hopefully things will be better soon I'm tired of living on the streets.

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    Sounds like you did some amazing work for a startup destined to failure. Elixir is awesome and your boss sounds like a fucking retard. You're better off with your experience. Go find somewhere where you can shine.
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    @djsumdog can only go up from here, cant get much worse i hate panhandeling tho, pretty hopeless right now. Thx for the kind words.
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    "Did normal devs write uber, no" - 😂
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    From what you wrote, I'm disgusted by what the human society has become... Are you telling me that a guy who made an Uber clone in such a short timeframe (and tried it in many languages) is now homeless? Is that literal or are you just referring to a financial hard time (unemployment)?
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    @wannabee i live in a tunnel, but sometimes i couch surf when i have nuff to pay a friend for a week approx 50$, the company did not think it was a short timeframe, they thought i was wasting their money getting nothing accomplished
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