So, if I was to emigrate, should I come to your country?

I'll finish my bachelors in Comp Sci next May and Ireland isn't really livable right now with property rental prices. Time to look elsewhere I think.

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    Meeh... Folks in my area leave the coutry as soon as they get a chance. Haven't seen them finding any treasures in foreign lands :) job's still a job, rent's still a rent, expenses and salary ratio is more or less the same. I guess the grass is always greener behind the fence eh? :)
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    Well if you can earn money in another country and live in my one you would live like a milionare.
    People, goverment and just the whole atmosphere is just utter shit.

    But we have nice views!
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    I don't think it's especially bad nor good here, but the main drawback is that you would need to speak the language (French).
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    Check to see if you have Holiday Work Visas. Americans can live/work in Ireland for 1 full year after they graduate, so there should be reverse agreement in place.

    I'm a US citizen and I got a holiday work visa for Australia and New Zealand. I spend a year in the AU and 3 in NZ (I switched to a normal visa through work). They're pretty cheap visas, like $300 USD.

    I just saved up while there and used the money to backpack for a year. I wrote a thing on it here:

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    Come to the USA!
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    I mean, the US has opportunities in the vast majority of the states.

    Some are obviously better than others. Like California has a fuck ton of jobs, but lots of drawbacks that counter out some of the positives (in my opinion).

    As @djsumdog said, see about getting a Visa here. It shouldn't be that difficult and it's a new experience!
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    Don't come to Italy. People are nice and food is good but tech related improvements take their time. It also feels like programmers and it people in general are less appreciated than in other countries 'cause people don't really understand (thus appreciate) what we do. I might be wrong on the second part, but the first one is true af.
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    @Artemix Why would he need a degree? He's already got one lol.

    As for being sick, well if you're living here for a year, you should probably get health insurance
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    @Artemix If you have a fever there's genuinely no need to go to a doctor unless you've got something else that makes you deathly sick.

    Go get an over the counter medicine for less than $10 and you're set to go. I'd know... My "allergies" flare up every spring and I get a fever.

    That being said, I get the point you're making. No wait, the point you're over exaggerating quite a bit.

    But ya know, it's all opinionative subjects and this isn't the place nor the time for this discussion.
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    @Artemix K
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    @Artemix you go to the doctor. You enroll.
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    Work in the US first to gain some money THEN I'll recommend you to my country, because due to inflation rate a dollar is like 60 pesos (Php) to us, so basically if you have a 10$ right now you could rent a house, buy yourself food and have internet for one month for that.
    Also, you would have to tolerate our very slow internet connectionn if you want to stay here.
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    @dertrockx part of me has always wanted to do that lol.

    Work for a few years and save as much as possible then take a long ass vacation living off savings
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    @Artemix Yeah, we... We don't talk about that. Haha
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    South Africa is open...
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    If you learn a bit of Norwegian, I see no problem in moving to Norway. The taxes might be higher then you are used to, but you generally earn more in Norway, so it equals out.
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    As @cr4sh said, avoid Italy... There is no job for anyone and rents are f*cking expensive. People may seem good but at their work are usually lazy (expecially in public administration, that makes some bureaucratic procedures veeeery slow).

    Also, it looks like fascism is kinda rising again these years...?

    ( @cr4sh correct me if i'm wrong)
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    @dmonkey I'm not sure about the fascism thing. It could be (seeing our political situation).

    "Italy to the young people" is a common expression, but the young people (or at least the ones that could change this place) are going somewhere else.
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    Come to Northern Ireland 😄We are only up the road and the Tech scene in Belfast is pretty good. Quite a few companies to choose from. Just ignore the fact that the government sucks/doesnt exist....
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    @CrashOverride please, at this rate with the no-deal coming at the UK like a freight train full of shit, unification will be achieved before I graduate. 😂
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