Honestly thinking really seriously about deleting facebook, as it occupies a good portion of my day with its scrolling up and down.. However I am bit scared that I am going to miss out on like friend's stuff (or people that I know a bit closer), news and all that.. Has anyone done it and can provide with his/her experience on how to tackle this?

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    I have done it. For 3 full month's.! Life was pretty good without FB. I had time to read books, spend some time reading newspaper etc. Now I'm not addicted to FB, but to insta. Soon should plan to delete Insta. :D
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    fb is really just a waste of time, in my opinion... instead, you can just keep using messenger to stay in touch with others, and refrain from using the fb other than messaging. I'm pretty sure you can move all the conversations to another platform, without any problems, like any other messenger, if you really feel the need to get rid of facebook. It's not too difficult from my own experience
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    I've tried to get in controll and deleted the app on the phone. But not soon after i found myself on facebook via the webrowser. 😢

    So try it, at first it will be wonderfull.
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    I can't remember what it's called, but there is a feature on a smartphone which allows the user to contact another person in order to communicate.

    In my opinion, there is no real connection to other people through facebook feeds and instagram is just a way to show a filtered life.

    Delete it all and call somebody
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    Thanks everyone for your tips! What i did at first was to unlike/unfollow all the pages (boy that was a crapload of junk). Only kept the ones of my friends, family etc that needed the support ( but unfollowed them too). Did the same with the groups, but kept 1 or 2 that I need right now, like the university one. ( they are the reason that i actually keep the fb account). Also I unfollowed all of my friends.

    Man was it a healing moment when i refreshed home page and there were 3! JUST THREE posts to see!

    I feel I will be getting out of the house more now! Thanks for the push dev people!
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    @Viewholder announce to the people who actually care that you're leaving for a month. Then deactivate your account for a month. If you want conversation, call/message/meet them. You may be able to make do without your university group by just getting someone to tell you if anything meaningful happens. I went through univ without being on the FB group, no issues whatsoever.

    You'll be surprised how much more meaningful your relationships become.

    Then when you're ready to take the plunge, just delete your FB account and don't look back. It feels great.
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    @RememberMe I am planning to do that, but after the exam period, since the group is going to be spammed and i cannot make someone else keep an eye out for me, when he/she is two busy with his/her classes..

    I hope I can last till then and successfully take the plunge.

    It really is so weird, how dependent we all are on this thing, btw. I find myself thinking that now i will be cut of from society and I am scared that I am going to miss on my friends' news, only realizing that you do not actually have to know what every one does 24/7. You can meet them irl after a month and talk about it in great detail. And as for your best friends you get to talk them eitherway every day, so why waste all this time on this site?
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