Which should I choose:
Company A: much better pay and benefits, team seems nice, Glassdoor citing quite bad reviews about CEO and upper management.
Company B: current company. uninteresting field, team in distance, tech lead likes micro management and quite annoying in general. In middle of a project.

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    Well you said nothing good about B
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    @electrineer but it's in middle of a project...
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    @Xo-oY What team is not in the middle of a project or two? And how is that good or bad?
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    @electrineer I'm in a consultant company so the project has a due date. And well, it's not good per se but feels bad to abandon ship half way
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    Depends on your priorities. If money is objective go for A. If a more challenging (professionally, skill wise) environment would suit you better then... well, you've said nothing about this, if any offers it sufficiently. C) perhaps?
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