This sad Keanu was gifted to me by a coworker and friend. He sticked it to the monitor, when I was on vacation and he felt bored without me.

Keanu is sad, because I had to break one of his legs, so it does not occlude the monitor.

Also the sad post-it-Smiley came later. Another coworker messed around with my cube of magnetic spheres in my absence. He could not put it back to a cube together, so he left this post it on the magnetic spheres. I thought that day Keanu and the post-it fit together well. This sad Keanu now wears a sad mask.

Because this item reminds me of the kind coworkers and nice occasions, it is my favorite item on the desk.

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    @DeveloperACE yes, I did not know they had a name, because I got them as a gift.
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