"Don't be evil." My foot.

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    Dont do evil

    And they have removed it from the internal guidelines
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    As pointed out by @Codex404, Google indeed has removed it from their internal guidelines because of its vague nature, and recaptcha is one of the the largest trained datasets for ocr. It actually helps us in providing speech output for the deaf.

    And also imagine the no of photos we click of cars and buses. All these data are used for learning from images by reinforcement. It's the only way to get such a huge collection of data, think driverless cars ;), although it comes as a cost to the user.
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    @phreakyphoenix IMO nothing justifies compelling users to spend time labeling 5-6 images just to get to simple form.
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    @Maroti And sometimes after filling up all these, you get the message, sorry something went wrong, or We failed to verify... 🌋
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    @Maroti 5-6 images? Most of the time it takes me 15 minutes to complete...
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    Let’s fucking began.
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    The new"I'm not a robot" check box is so much better than the old, "what is this word?" ones when the words were about as legible as black metal band names.
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    @Codex404 they didn't removed it, they just gave it less importance, now it's only at the last paragraph:
    "And remember… don’t be evil, and if you see something that you think isn’t right – speak up!"
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    RECAPCHA, ironically, is now more easier for a computer to solve than it is for a human. Think about that.
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    @cafecortado ironic, people should speak up against Google in that case.
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    Because of this shitty-shit I search on other web sites.
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    @CatMDV it is possible for a computer to solve them, but computers were better at solving the old captchas more than humans were. The new system is better because it makes it easier for humans while more difficult for bots.
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