Just asked some bloke at work if he's into computers, and he said yes.

I asked him what languages he likes.
He responds 'Linux'.

I now knew he was bullshitting, so I asked him what compiler he uses.

He said binary.

Can I rip his teeth out and make a twat-tooth necklace now?

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    What js stack do you likes ?

    The keyboard.
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    I build full CRUD website with just css
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    Maybe he's just deaf
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    -Are you into food?
    -What fruit do you grow?
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    I say continue asking him. Keep raising the level of bullshit in your questions (“What graphics adapter do you have in your RAM of pool data packets cache?”) and let's see where he takes us.
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    @ethernetzero that’s actually sounds fun, wish I could meet him
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    @ethernetzero lol I plan on fucking with him as much as possible. He is an Apple fanboy too. Mwuahaha.
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    Meanwhile in xkcd forums:
    "Just met this guy asking me what language I use so naturally I responded "Linux" to trigger him. He could sense something is off so then he asked me what compiler I use and I answered "binary". I swear to God I could feel him wanting to rip my jaw off."

    JK hehe.
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    @devTea haha hey that could work 😂
    Delete: Display: none;
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    @muliyul lol possible.
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