The number of people who responded to this with bile such as “yeah but how well” or “i bet she can only write hello world”.
Its sad that this attitude still exists in our industry. If you havent seen the story she responded by clarifying that she is on the iOS tutorial team for Raywenderlich, and has a bachelors degree with a double major in Computer Science. But she shouldnt have to explain that just because shes a woman. Are people that insecure about their knowledge that they need to resort to demeaning other peoples? for shame.

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    If someone saw a Magnus Carlsen cover photo saying he is also a chess player, chess players would probably say "Haha, he probably has 1000 rating" or "He probably doesn't know how to castle".

    It's not a gender thing. It's just very rare for people to be successful in more than one field.
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    I'm not normally one to get into gender based shit but the comments really made me angry, pretty sure she is actually an incredibly talented programmer

    And @bigus-dickus that was terrible... I applaud you
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    "But she shouldnt have to explain that just because shes a woman."

    Nonsense, that's completely beside the mark. It's because usually people who make their money with undressing and running around in underwear aren't good coders. And obviously, undressing pays better than coding.
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    @Fast-Nop Oh they dont usually make good coders do they? I wasnt aware that underwear models had a reputation for writing bad software. Maybe its not 100% related to her gender, but you shouldnt assume someones ability at something based on some other totally unrelated thing they do. Its the fact that people jumped straight in with their comments without any knowledge. But hey thats the internet right?
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    @CrashOverride "Oh they dont usually make good coders do they?"

    No, they don't. Just like there are black swans, but when someone talks of a swan, it's pretty sure to assume it's a white one. That's everyday life experience.

    By contrast, when you see a woman in the dev department behind a 2+ monitor setup, you can safely assume that she's a coder.
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    @Fast-Nop My point was how many underwear models do you know who are also coders? Its got nothing to do with them being bad ones, its just not common for people to combine those 2 things.
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    @CrashOverride see, that was my point. That she has to explain is not because she's a woman, i.e. it is not sexism, but because she's an underwear model. Guess what, a male underwear model would be in the same situation.

    I'm really fed up that everytime a woman faces any sort of even mild hardship, the "sexism!!!!111eleven" outcries immediately start going.
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    @PetarP Bad example. There aren't many chess players who doesn't know who Magnus Carlsen is.
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    @Fast-Nop @CrashOverride you see she didnt have to explain anything. She felt compelled to because she is insecure about her skills as a dev. Nobody asked her to link her so and github (which are like 3 clicks to find).
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    @ganjaman ah no, it's just solid practice to back up claims by valid sources, and she did that one just right.
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    Have no problem believing she can write code. But I would say she is not very hot to my VS taste. Probably because I'm an Asian guy though.
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    @DLMousey dude she answer questions on stackoverflow

    Yes you heard correctly. It is actually possible to answer questions on SO!
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    Those smug comments were really stupid and unnecessary. If the article says she's a programmer, there are three possibilities:

    1. She is actually a coder, and a good one at that.

    2. She is a coder, but not a very good one.

    3. She's not a coder at all and the article just lied or misunderstood something she said.

    Only one can be true.

    If it's 1 (like it turned out to be), then good for her! There's no need to comment with condescension if she's a good programmer.

    If it's 2, would it be at all surprising? As you guys said earlier, a model that's also a good developer is not something ordinary, so a model that can write a Hello World and not much more is not even worth commenting unless she bragged about being an awesome programmer for being able to write a Hello World or something like that.

    And if it's 3, you should comment about the author of the article instead of the model.

    I don't think it's a gender thing. It's just that the Internet is full of smug idiots.
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    There's definitely sexism in computer science but there's sexism in everything, unfortunately. I think it's very cool she codes but more and more people are becoming programmers (good and bad ones like any other field) these days, which is actually amazing.
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    Objective-C 🍆
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