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    This is some serious bullshit
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    A lot of websites are doing this ! And it's fucking irritating 😑
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    Illegal. False advertising, misinformation and manipulation of terms. Any decent lawyer would bury them.
    Or simply report them as a matter of principle, especially in EU, to see what would happen.
    I'm not a legal expert but being 18 or more has nothing to do with in-browser notifications. Then there's a matter of notifications, what they display (ads? 3rd parties?), from whom (3rd parties?), etc.
    Honestly, I have little faith in people, legal system included, but might be worth trying for the reason above.
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    you clicked on the hacked logan paul cpa link too, didn't you
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    🚫 FAP 🚫
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    I'm calling the fucking police!!
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    I think it's pretty ingenious
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    @nnee nothing about it is illegal
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    Looks like the bub didn't test on Firefox.
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    @AL1L Are you sure? Tricking people by false claims and misinformation in any form is not allowed.
    Might depend on service they claim to provide...
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    Disable javascript, continue on your way.

    After, post their domain on a hacker forum with a brag about your "redundant firewalls."

    Make popcorn.
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    @nnee if your 18+ click allow, they're not forcing you to do it.

    If I want to make someone allow notifications in order to use my site, then there's nothing stopping me
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    @AL1L There are laws against advertising misinformation, false information, etc.
    And advertisers bypass this with creative wording.
    If you deny access to resource because you require any form of compensation you must say that in advance. In this case, how much, what kind of notifications, how long and what you get in return.
    None of this is written in that image nor is there any obvious way to get that info.

    Like I said, I'm not an expert lawyer, there might be differences for legal subjects (company) and physical person, maybe its some border case.
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