I'm sure you've heard of PUBG - Player Underground Battle Game. My flatmates are obsessed with it. Is there any way I can stop outbound connection to PUBG server or Asian Game Server? I tried to intercept the traffic couldn't find anything.

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    This might help https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/...

    Otherwise, can't you just block the application?

    Beside these solutions, you could also:
    - hire Chinese cheaters to ruin their games
    - make them lag like hell until they rage
    - show them something better
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    @Jilano I was thinking something like to put ip/host into blacklist in my router so no connection would be made to that address. The link have some ip. Will try that out.
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    I do not want to disrespect you or anything but what about letting them play their video game if they want to?
    Plus if you are sharing the flat you might want to keep a good relationship with them. Pretty sure they will not appreciate it.
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    @pwar I know but by doing this I'll help them realise about their unemployment and how much time they waste. And when they do realise it our relationship would be better I think.
    Would you be a good friend if you let your friend play pubg whole day and waste their time? Or when you guide them to what they should be doing.
    Obsession of anything is not good at any point of life. Hope you understand my point.
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    @shahidcodes I understand your point. You are probably more aware of the situation than I am as they are your friends, but I would suggest you to talk about it with them rather than punishing them as long as they do not start taking advantage of you by not paying their rent for instance. Hope you get my point too.
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    *Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
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    You are not their parent. Do not do this. It is not your place to interfere with them. Let them make their own mistakes, if them not making money affects you (rent etc) then raise it vocally.
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    @dufferz @pwar Totally understood. Will try talking to them. It's not the money I'm worried about. I don't like seeing them wasting their life as they're my friends. And I can't just mind my own business and let them destroy themselves.
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    @Gophyr 😂😂😂 thanks
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