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    What terminal emulator is that?
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    I use that sentence whenever I give weed to someone who's doing it for the first time
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    Hits hard.
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    @115105109 I love that
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    Why didn't anyone rant about using nano over vim or emacs?

    Oh, btw, I use vim.
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    @dder cuz for taking quick note and making terminal hover all windows, nano is more than enough for me

    Oh, btw, I use VS Code
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    @athlon kk ;) no offense... I am always struggling how to exit nano if it suddenly opens (because $EDITOR is not set as I expected) and then I do git commit and for the message, nano opens or something like that.

    Anyway, I like VS Code as well ( and I do use it primarily for dev)
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    @dder yeah, well... got on a bit on the edgy side with my reply
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    @dder My thoughts exactly :3
    (I also use vim btw)
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    @dder @athlon @Condor
    BTW I use ed

    # And it's friggin' perfect
    w comment.md
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    @UltraJason and not even linting issues in you md file... maybe I should give ed also a try...
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    the rest of your life without nano but you'll survive with vim
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