So met a guy today in college and it was his first day in class. He told me that he is working as software engineer and having 4 years of experience and primarily works with Java lang.
We do programs in Java for practicals and I'm not good with Java (I fuckin hate). I thought maybe I can ask for help from this guy if I'm stuck. And so the practicals started.
And guess what the guy did not know how to compile Java program on 'cmd' and was seeking help from other guy. I'm like what the actual fuck. How the fuck he has 4 years of experience and can't compile a program. Can't even able to set path. Total idiot. Fuck this shit.

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    Why are you so mad ?
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    @Adham Because for reasons unexplained someone should know how to compile via command line instead via an IDE and hitting the compile button?
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    @Qaldim You should know your tools.
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    @Root Depends on the OS and the tools. Back in the early '00s when I was learning programming with C/C++, we did all the development with an IDE in Windows XP and there wasn't a need to learn the commands. On the Unix course on the other hand we did.
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    @Qaldim There is little reason to learn e.g. assembly now, especially if you're a Java dev. But learning how Java's tools work is absolutely a part of being a Java developer.

    You should also know at least the basics of how the JVM works, since that will help you write better Java code. The same for how computers work -- bits and bytes and pointers are incredibly important for all programming.

    Just because something is abstracted away does not mean it is no longer necessary to learn.
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    @Root I agree on the points you mentioned. What I disagree is when people rage for something. Sure the dude is a Java dev for 4 years, but he never got exposed to the commands via terminal. That doesn't make him less of a dev because of that, nor he never claimed he was a Java god.
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    @Qaldim The anger does seems misplaced, though we weren't present. If he was bragging, that anger is absolutely warranted.

    However, a Java dev unable to compile Java code without the aid of an IDE is pretty pathetic.

    You should master your tools; your tools should not be your master.
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    @Root It's all about exposure for me. He lost his tool and now he has to do it with the "original" way.
    I suppose I am more lenient in some terms. For some it takes years to master their "tools", others can do it in an instant. I wouldn't look down on either of them.
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    Lol compiling Java by hand is retarded. I remember being forced to use javac in uni. You should be using Maven or Gradle for it.
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    Well he is in school right? People in school normally are in school to learn things.
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