This is why you don't use Windows Home version for displaying advertisements in shopping center

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    We have the same for public transport ticket vending machines here....Nothing better than a blue screen when you're cold and freezing at a winter night and all you want is get home from work. Fuck public transport and windows-based shit.
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    @Intronout i don't get why they use a windows licence for shit like that.
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    @Intronout conficker is still apparently a thing around my little village
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    This is why you don't use Windows Pirated version for displaying informations in metro station.
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    @KartikWatts is it due to pirated version?
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    @retard I am not sure actually, but the senior developer who shared this pic, told us atleast this was specifically due to pirated version.
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    @KartikWatts if it's due to pirated version, then it may be just incompatible drivers from old driverpack (Russian pirated versions of Windows have that)
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    @mishaor Okay, I got it somewhat. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Sir. So, what are all the genuine causes of Blue Screen of Death
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    @Intronout here where i live the ticket controllers won't write you a ticket if the machine doesn't work
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    Finally some rant that write something accurate, you specified "home version" that's essential ... someone else would have blamed just windows
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