True or false? You know your waiter is making a lot, and your probably being overcharged, when you see her wearing an iWatch.

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    I'd say false. You have no idea if the waiter had to save up for it, or if it was possibly a gift. Even then, being able to afford something that's outside of the basic needs doesn't mean they're being overpaid. Or that you are overpaying.
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    Lol what

    Aren't waiters and waitresses payed less than minimum wage and just make most of their income off tips?

    Seems like a bullshit assumption with no valid grounds.
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    I remember that in a previous company, when a supplier guy arrived in too expensive a car, boss immediately ordered to haggle extra hard on him.

    On the other hand, if she's doing her job really so well that she can afford such items, then she may be stupid enough to waste her money, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve it.
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    @Stuxnet but if the food price is high then so it's tip? Usually you tip 10-15%?
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    @billgates I tip based off service. Fuck the numbers.

    Plus I eat alone most of the time, so tipping 20% on $10 feels low. I'll usually throw in $5 or so.
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    @Stuxnet I eat alone too but my bills come out closer to $20-30.... And that's for takeout. One sushi roll costs $6... Noodles $10-15
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    @billgates Dont live in one of the most expensive cities in America then.

    (NYC, right?)
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    @Stuxnet pretty much across the river from it
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    @billgates yeah don't do that if you don't like high prices lol.

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    False, Gen 1 and 2 watches are dirt cheap, used. People are selling used Gen 3 to get the Gen 4.
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    Probably it was bought with a huge loan.
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    @Stuxnet I like your savagery 😏
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    False. Poor people tend to buy expensive item to show wealth even if they can't really afford it. Could simply be such an item. Besides buying such an item should be perfectly doable on a normal salary, what are your expectations for waiter salaries?
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    Back in university days my roommate used to work as a waiter. For minimum wage. With tips he used to get like 3x his base salary.
    It's not that bad I guess 😀

    sidenote: he's still working as a waiter. It's been ten years now.
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    Um actually... Apple Watch not iWatch (i hate myself)
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    @netikras what was the base salary? I heard that in the US they can have it stupidly low and only cover up to minimum wage if salary+tips puts you below minimum wage. I really don't like tip culture, I think tipping to provide extra reward for excellent service is okay. Buy salary should be normal and no tips ever expected. Tipping in my opinion should be an unexpected bonus.
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    @totoxto it was minimum wage. 3x minimum wage in my area is somewhat decent
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    That's from her second job. It likely involves poles.
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    @segfault0xff you can make an embarrassingly large amount of money waiting tables. It just takes finding a restaurant you vibe with that’s run by decent (a relative term) managers. AMHIK. It’s hard to talk money with my friends who work in call centers or work as something that actually should pay well like being a first responder. Like my side hustle beats your main job if you break it down hourly. All I do is make turds!
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    @segfault0xff a firefighter? 🤔
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