Boss decides he can improve my code.

Spends the whole day ”improving it” and in the end he doesn’t change anything..

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    That is why he is your boss
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    Your boss can do whatever the fuck he wants to do as long as it’s legal.
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    @freeme Err, if you only rely on laws to decide what is right or wrong you're in big trouble. There are things that are morally disgusting will still technically legal, and there are things that are illegal but morally fine. You gotta think and use your own judgement sometimes.
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    I got fired from a job that paid me well because I got pissed off at this... He then had the balls to tell me I don't know what I'm doing...
    Okay Mr. I-dabbled-with-a-bit-of-html-back-my-day... You definitely have the creds to "dabble" with my work.
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    He just improved the way you see your code, now you are more confident there's nothing wrong with it, gotcha 😮😂🍻
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