Everyone think google is trolling Apple’s notch. But as a software giant, google is tripped over css with its own material design🤦‍♂️

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    It just amazes me that over and over again people knock apple for doing weird crap but then a year later everyone copies it. And (not saying this is you) then the Apple haters all say the way “google did it better” yeah...
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    Again I say: what is so bad about the notch? All of the space around the camera / earpiece was previously wasted. If you dont want to use it, then dont incorporate it into the UI. Nobody is forcing you to use it, and it is a convenient place for the OS to put notifications and status out of the way of the foreground app.
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    @tokumei the problem with the notch being so big (though none of the notches is an exception to that), you lose pretty much the 5% added to just a black bar or content being obstructed and later having to be black bared anyway, also barely any content (incl. apps) properly stretches across most weird notch display configurations, even after android natively added notch support.

    More here: https://twitter.com/ow/status/...
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    I like notch. 🙂
    The op6 notch is pretty nice.
    I feel the iPhone X notch is too big.
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    I thought this was about the fucked up ‘pre-order” button.
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    Just so everyone knows it.
    Apple wasn't the first one to incorporate a notch, it was Essential as far as I know. :p
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    I feel adding the notch makes hardware repair more tough and expensive. Although I ain't sure about that.
    C'mmon devRant Hardware geeks, support or destroy my comment. 😅
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    guys! The point is not the notch, take a look on the button at the bottom of the page. The css is off. 🤦‍♂️
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    @sunfishcc I got it!!!!
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    Ah, thanks @sunfishcc
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    I don't know why do we even need a notch,first of all It looks terrible secondly as for getting more screen to body ratio samsung have achieved more sceen:body without a notch desgin
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    The most interesting part about the phone is the call center feature. It could be a great app if it’s on iOS.
    The notch is just google in a google way to mocking apple. Google got too much money to burn they don’t even care about the sales.
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