Microsoft open sources 60K patents. Did I travel to some alternate universe?


Few of those times when I get to add microsoft and opensource together in the tags.

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    Holy fuck balls on a stick 😱
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    Quick, someone write a snarky comment about why this is just an evil PR stunt!
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    @ihatecomputers Even if it's a PR stunt it's awesome.
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    Welcome to the post-Balmer era!
    Nadella has realized that being "open" is the way to go to survive as company and he's steering to that direction.
    You can still hate Microsoft if you want. 🤣
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    Fuck yeah, go New-Microsoft!
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    Microsoft Always was a big supporter of open source.
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    Wait... what the fuck?!
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    I will never have imagined that
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    lol amp link
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    Doesn’t surprise me to be honest they are making so much money off of azure (built almost entirely on oss) that they can afford to do this now.

    Fair play to them though they didn’t have to do it, would also have paid to see the faces of their intellectual property lawyers when the said they were going to do it
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