What's your ideal and current work time?
How many hours do you work per day and when do you start?

And what days you are mostly off?

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    7.30 ish until 4.30, sometimes later (up to 6.30)
    And then finish about 12.30 on Fridays
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    I can walk in whenever I want as long as I have an average of 8 hours a day.

    Today I'm starting two hours earlier. But there is also days I start at 10:30.

    Our office is open 24/7.
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    Current worktime: start <=9:30 and ends after working ~8 hours or when i get tired. Mon-Fri, 6wk vacation (i usually take 3-4 weeks during the summer and a week or two around xmas/newyear and then use the remaining days if i feel like taking a longer weekend.

    Ideal worktime: less, preferably 0, my own projects are lagging behind.
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    Mon-fri 9-5.
    I like my weekends off.
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    My ideal and current working time == 10am -> 7pm
    Weekends off

    Cricket time on WED (3pm->6pm) with colleagues.
    (Mid week activity)

    My office is chill and I love it!
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    @njpugh90 @Codex404 @ItsNotMyFault @COD4 @noms89 Do you guys get paid by hour or fixed monthly payment? (no mater if you worked less hour that day) And do you get paid vacations?
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    @echonox I’m on a salary, fixed annual amount payed weekly and 4 weeks paid holiday a year as well.

    I’m suppose to work ~38 hours a week, but you get a week here or there that’s less or more so not really monitored closely.
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    @echonox monthly amount.

    If I work more I get extra free days, if I work less I spent free days.
    Also there are quite a few bonuses to get. If you aren't sick in half a year you get 500 euros extra for example. Last year I've been sick once and took a free day for that so I still get the bonus.
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    @echonox fixed salary + commission based on how much my clients pay (They normally pay per hour).

    Vacation is paid.
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    I work 8 hours/day on average. Ideally, that would be 7. Weekends off. Paid per day once a month.
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    8.30-17.00. Off on weekends.
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