Ugliest notch ever?(pixel3)

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    I still don't understand what is so special about the notch? why everyone is adding it to their phones?
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    Hey now, don't you think making fun of people because of their looks is a little unnecessary?
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    @gitpush It must have something to do with innovation
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    @beggarboy 1. The tags are referred to the phone
    2. The image is edited
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    Must have something to do with innovation, says a @retard

    Sorry bro can't help it 😂
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    @gitpush it is the battle between who can give best screen to body ratio without eliminating features
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    i thought look like Daniel Shiffman from Coding Train for a bit 😂
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    @vatsalmob but not sure how that helps, they are not saving too much imo
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    @gitpush screen size I guess, but it saves place, because you can put the status bar there, and have more space, and I guess you can always disable the screen part that is annoying
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    @-vim- but the status bar is only 60 maybe 70? how good is gaining those instead of reducing the plastic (or whatever they use) space between screen and edges of the phone
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    The only notch I like so far is from the newest Huawei Mate. It's so small. But all notches are ugly, deal with it.
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    As ugly as the iPhone's, taller but narrower.
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    I'm kinda bored of ugly squared screens. The notch is the best solution until you find a way to get rid of the front speaker and camera. I feel like I'm the only to not complain about it…
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    It's something about screen size.

    And no.

    This shit is uglier and will be the ugliest one ever.
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