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    the result of politics + marketing
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    Can I ++ more than once?
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    I loled so hard right now
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    Which framework?
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    i break my jaw
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    Long live Web 2.0 :')
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    That hurts.
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    That’s what we {users} wanted. The “privacy” , now we have all of this shit.
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    That's so cool :D
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    @Biggy No, this is corporates fucking us in the hopes of us just accepting everything.
    The solution could be a standardised protocol for including most of our choices in the request, so that we only have to answer the questions once, and a law which forces websites to accept this protocol.
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    @Lor-inc How about initially just enforcing webmasters to honor "Do not Track"? That wouldn't require a protocol design and implementation - which would likely take several years.

    Also, the shadiest stuff happens on the websites that frankly do not care - they never have and never will, even about the currently enforced GDPR. Examples from my own of this would include mostly the spam that I'm to this day still getting on my Outlook mailbox. "Promotions" for local stores, surveys for "free gifts" and things like that, probably by mistakenly submitting my email address to some shady sites many years ago when I was still a kid.

    Such emails don't even have a way to unsubscribe. Because why would a spammer want people to unsubscribe? I think that we're fighting the wrong thing. Websites that are clearly malicious could just be blocked outright, in a way similar to RBL in email. That wouldn't solve the corporate tracking, but it'd take care of a big swath of malicious behaviour by crooks where the majority of the stuff that's borderline criminal happens.

    Or we could educate the masses to not interact with such malicious things to begin with.. but I guess that that would be a mission impossible. And then there's the cracked databases where most email lists are harvested of course.. legitimate submission, but hacked and later captured by cybercriminals all over the place. And then the dam breaks. My current solution to this is giving out different email addresses from my domain to everyone. But that isn't really a feasible solution for everyone.
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    It would have been really nice if you credited the original poster of this gif from reddit.
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    @HarleyQuinn not a frequent Redditor, the Reddit guy wasn't the original poster either if you're implying that, I got it from the uxlive telegram group.
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    Marketer porn
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    @JoshBent ahh, the internet
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    That age tho
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    This one triggered my subliminal rage.
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    Someone made an actual site based on the same gif:
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    @v-kip it's not the same UI though
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    All the easing functions 😍
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