Absolutely me. Any Dev girls want a guy like me😁

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    Girl devs usually don't like Dev guys
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    @leksyib but Dev guys don't usually like other girls too.
    I guess we're all in a deadlock😅
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    Don't forget to push those commits ;)
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    @leksyib what are you basing that on? I don't discriminate, lol
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    @TheBinaryWizard nah, that would make him look pushy! 😉
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    @leksyib why though man... isn't it great to talk and write in common languages like English, JavaScript or Python
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    @CoffeeNcode @sam21s from my experience, all the female devs I've had an encounter with are harsh, not kind at all, and are extreme feminists
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    @sam21s Some don't care!🤣 Especially if they know they're better than you.
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    @leksyib So sorry to hear that man. Some people are just rude and don't deserve any love. They say they want equality but all they are looking for is someone who can intellectually suppress them.
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    @sam21s on wait! Hope you don't think I mean I dated them?🤣 I didn't man. The "encounter" I typed was just a work thing, nothing attached.

    Also I don't get what you mean by intellectual suppression
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    @leksyib rest assured that not all female devs are like that. While I'm all for equal rights, I'm not expecting any special treatment. And so far, I'm getting along just fine with my (male and female) colleagues
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    @CoffeeNcode that's great! You're a good person. If you were one of those devs I'm talking about, I would've had a couple of insults to face tonight.🤣
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    @leksyib i meant a coder in a relationship who undermines the other person in it based on dev skills only
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    *laughs in rebase*
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