So the CEO tells me our new release needs to be compliant with new guidelines. I say sure, I draft up a few small changes and send them to my PM. He calls an impromptu meeting with the UI team and I explain my changes. They don't like them. They then proceed to draft and redesign a new UI based on these new requirements, I tell them that they are overthinking everything and remind them of the rules of KISS. 45 minutes of me silently waiting and an entire 4x8 whiteboard of designs, I tell them this is an entire redesign and that we will never make our end of the year deadline. PM goes silent for a minute, then responds "yeah I guess your right, let's just implement your original changes"

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    so the CEO "needs" something, but the UI team doesn't "like" it.
    What would've happened if the CEO was present at the start of the explanatory meeting?
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    @knuppelsmurf of course they'll love it. lol
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    Great you spoke up and they understood. Props all around. Congrats.
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    @knuppelsmurf He would say "No, this release needs to be out now. Do it with the least amount of changes" and the meeting would have taken 3 minutes
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    You win, well done!
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