I made a bit of a tradition of building a list of hardware that's superior to whatever Crapple is releasing whenever Crapple releases something - and for the first time, I decided to make it public instead of just sharing it with some coworkers.

Making it public however took some time (luckily, yesterday was a holiday here, so I got it done now) - at least, making it looking "not like shit" took some time.

So enjoy my (very basic) bootstrap templated, yet possibly useful list of builds superior to the Crapple Rag Mini (which is a completely fictional entity not resembling any existing company in the world. Promise. Totally. Penguin's swear.)

The list can be found here - expect to see an update anytime Crapple pushes new shit to the market:

(possibly not safe for work, children, catholics and SJWs). Yeah, no SSL cert, currently. Hell, it's a private server, it doesn't process any of your info and it doesn't offer downloads... I might add one in the future.

I hope you can forgive my shameless self-promotion, it's not a commercial site, there are no ads/shitcoin miners on it and i don't get a share/cut/whatever - just a small humorous joke project. For now.

BTW: I didn't attempt to build any of those. It should work, but please don't sue me if it doesn't.

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    @Fast-Nop Thank you :)

    I know my site "needs" https, even though it's more of an experimental playground (it's hosted with a no-commercial, no-journalism, just-personal clause). All I would need to do is renew my LetsEncrypt Cert, but it can't be automated for now and I may move some projects of mine to another hoster / server... So I kinda let it slip.
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    i should probably buy the "1 l Augustiner Helles Dual Kit" regardless without building a pc
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    @BurnoutDV sure, it is a solid investment with 5.4 %
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    Hmmm, not mobile friendly button 😥
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