My love towards Microsoft:

When install Windows 10, world's most advanced operating system, I agree to use express installation to make sure I am sharing all the information with Microsoft.

Right after installation, I chose Microsoft Edge as my default browser. Can't live without it really. I also make sure my search engine is set to Bing!

Then I continue to setup Cortana and share all my personal information with her. I install office 365 to to work with my documents and use skype to chat with my friends.

Then I install Visual studio and set all my projects to Windows Application only. I mean who uses any OS other than Windows?

It doesn't finish there. Groove Player is my first choice for listening to music, Film and TV for my videos and etc.

I also always use Microsoft Maps to find my way to work!

<3 Microsoft

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    sarcastic or not?..
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    Creative writing at it's best 👍🏻
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    It's hard to tell
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    not sure if this is a Microsoft employee, a paid advertiser or someone who hasn't had windows for more than a week.
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    somebody warn @tahnik. I think his account might be comprised.
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    @cors I'm just stating the facts
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    @tysa I've been using Windows for years and I love it
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    @kanduvisla Nobody can hide my true form.

    MS is love, MS is life
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    one of us! one of us!
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    Devraped? Lol
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    Ahhhhhh, I wake up screaming and realise it was only a nightmare...
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    @kalpitjain I am completely sober person expressing my love towards Microsoft :)
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    @centralhez It's not. Accept the truth :)
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    @tahnik I like windows too, but I certainly have had too many bad experiences with it to love it.
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    I almost missed the sarcasm there and had /g/ flashbacks. If your name was Pajeet I'd probably have believed it :P
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    The last sentence reveales tahnik in fact never used Microsoft maps. It doesn't exist! Bing maps on the other hand...
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    @Optineer ssshhhhh...(whispers) Just play along. I can't edit the post now
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    Good one 😂
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    @Optineer have I'm your first ++!!!
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    sometimes a inconvenient lie is easier to tell then a convenient truth
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    Now keep searching how MS is amazing and how proud you would be If you could just work there. Pretend someday someone may call you and say how much passion you have towards Microsoft and because of that you will get a job.
    To me it's just stupid share all this information with them for your own amusement. But that's just my opinion of course. You can keep sharing all information you want about yourself If you see some benefit comming from it, but If you don't, then i don't know what to say.
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