OMFG it happened again. I'm always very explicit with recruiters that I don't take full time employment while I'm studying. This one was very understanding about it and said he found a great match for my skillset.

I just had a meeting with the CEO of this great match of a company.
- "No, we only seek people who can work full time, let's keep in touch when you've graduated".

What the fuck, way to waste everyones time.

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    You didn’t waste time, you got connection to use after graduation :)
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    Recruiters are scum.
    And when they aren't scum, they're still brainless idiots.
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    I bet the recruiter knew this and yet he/she tried to set you up hoping that the manager will hire you so he/she can get his cut. No wonder he/she was "very understanding...". Recruiters are never understanding. They're only interested in placing you in whatever and getting their money. Some are good though. I met one like that but if they're "very understanding", think twice. 😊
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    Why can't you do both? I did.
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    What do you expect from the same people that say things like: "Seems you have a lot of Java experience, we've got a great JavaScript opportunity".
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    I once turned up to a technical test believing it was a C# position and it was instead for Java.

    In the end I had to just put my hands up and admit I didn’t know what I was doing, nor did I want the job.

    I travelled for 3 hours each way for that fucking thing.
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    "I see you have lots of Rails experience. I found a perfect match for you at this bank. They use COBOL!"

    Go mistake water for air and drown.
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    @FahadAlt Thank you, I like your positivity and I find that useful as well. But I hate going there under false premises because this recruiter thought he could get some money out of it.

    @suprano Oh he knew. Me and the CEO bonded during the interview and ha bashed them as well. "I bet they'll find a way to invoice me for getting this meeting, fucking vultures" πŸ˜‚
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    @segfault0xff I'm already studying at 150% because I'm taking some economics while doing my CS, so I don't want to get into a full time job when I know I'm not going to be able to deliver.
    Also, I'd like some time with my SO at the end of the day :)

    @Brolls, @Root It fucking sucks, at least my trip was just 10 minutes, but I still had to skip class. And afterwards the recruiter had the audacity to call and and try to find out if we did anything that warranted them to bill the CEO for the meeting.
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    Been there, seen that.
    Just right as you say.
    From the playbook.
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