Just found out about ElectronJS.

Man! My frontend will be so much more good looking compared to my previous experiences with Desktop Apps with tkinter (in Python) or swing, awt (in Java)

... Wondering if it has any DISadvantages over the latter ones 🤔

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    Look at the startup-time and you will know
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    @ruhe And resource consumption.
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    Also qt? Jfx??
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    It's slow as hell compared to Native Applications and it sucks up resources like a vacuum cleaner
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    @wholl0p thats up to the programmer. Yes its slower than your native app but there are plenty of fast apps like vs code. That thing boots up damn quick.
    And well I dont code on a toaster but the resource consumption seems almost on par. I do realize its made by a big company but it kinda shows that its not just the framework ;)
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    @musician It definitely is good in the way of universality, but in my opinion VS Code is as slow as any other Electron based Program. Sublime Text (written in C++) is a hell lot faster, that's why I use it mainly.. depends on the use case but in my case I try to avoid Electron based Apps..
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    @wholl0p interesting, even on my old surface it runs blazingly fast. Yes sublime starts like .5s faster but once it's open its pretty much the same (Again, on my computers at least).I tried it on pretty big Projects.
    Also: compare it to other electron apps like slack. That's a huge speed difference.
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    @musician VS Code is the fastest one of the Electron family, that's true when I think about it, but the whole family just feels very sluggish. I'm trying to gain more speed in any way, so Electron just has no place here..
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