11.1/11.4 GB of RAM is being eaten open on boot, even though I just rebooted. Almost half of my swap is in use too. WTF! Windows is no help in explaining it either...SO ANNOYING!

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    The CPU has calmed down to the 50s range, but memory is still at 94%. GPU is in the 30s now. I think it's time to ask the boss for a new computer!
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    Order by usage.
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    @bkwilliams Yeah, it's already in descending order by memory.
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    Try to run the process manager as admin. Maybe there is a process you can't see with your user.
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    Do use details view or procexp by Microsoft instead.
    Also memory reserved by hardware
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    Also this is a common problem with windows 10. Its a resource hog for no reason other than to hog resources. Gpu hard drive cpu ram its always the same story. Some windows thing is using way to much an no one has an answer. Thats why i use arch lol jk
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    yeah looks like you can't see all the processes that are running.

    Then you find out your company has some ancient legacy program for "Suhcuritey" that no one who works there implemented :p
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    @FrodoSwaggins systemd is pretty much porting the same experience to Linux though, with memory leaks everywhere, compiled Google DNS defaults etc.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Didn't pretty much all distros announce a change to systemd already at some point? tbh the base idea wasn't too bad, but that it literally fucking became a million LOC project eating up and re-writing stable software is what made it fucking approved malware imho.
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    And some arch users and basically all void users avoid systemd as well.
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    While i dislike Windows...


    Get the suite. When System might bei compromised, these tools are reaaaallly helpful.

    Or if u need to reverse engineer.
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    Swap in windows?
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    It's called Windows.
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    Just disable the startup application you don't use.
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