> had an exam with a friend

> we both go to comp sci college

> had to write a fucked up algorithm in matlab

> he hates matlab

> he completes the task

> the variable that outputs the result is called holocaust

> he gets sent to dean

> expelled

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    I don't see any wrong doing here.
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    Maybe he got schooled twice 🤦‍♂️
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    But what is the correct answer?
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    @rstular pls
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    Expelled seems extreme lol
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    See, it seems funny and flippant, but how many of you would swear in an essay?

    Code assignments are basically essays, writing “holocaust” in such a flippant manner (however apt or funny) is just asking for trouble, and kinda shows a complete lack of awareness, not even of just not using that word that way, but of proper conduct and expectations on them as a student.

    Expelled seems way too harsh mind, but I’m not terribly surprised.
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    Ok. Ok. Nobody’s arguing using the word holocaust for a variable is appropriate.

    BUT here’s the other thing: it’s a fucking coding assignment. It’s not being published. It’s between the student and the TA’s marking it.

    Absolutely they should have talked to him and said knock it off that’s not appropriate.

    I mean give him one strike at least. Expelled after the first offense? I don’t think that kind of knee-jerk reaction does anyone any good.
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    @Brolls I almost submitted an assignment with "what_the_fuck" as a variable name lol
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    Sounds so much like a German university.
    And there is nothing to loot on a state behemoth. They all stick together and fuck up shit. Specially in such cases where a sane mind would blow.
    Trust me. Been there. !done that.
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    It had nothing to do with the word holocaust. You just don't give confusing names to you variables.
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    @notlikethis nope. Freedom of speech is so misused.

    Freedom of speech is your right (if your country has it), to say what you wish, without persecution from the government.

    It does not:

    - Give a right to publish (Tweets etc)
    - Prevent citizens and companies from distancing themselves from you.

    It sucks, yeah, and it wasn’t for publishing, so they should have just told him to knock it off.

    But I mean, come on, it should have been pretty obvious right?!

    I doubt we’d be having this conversation if a student had used the word n****r in their code.
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    How do you come up with it by a mistake??
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    I have just one question. Did variable name somehow make sense like eliminating numbers from a list? Cuz to me that would’ve make that name meaningful(debatable but meaningful) and that would go totally okay with me.

    @Brolls freedom of speech totally gives you right to publish your opinions.
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    @neriald it was an algorithm named golden ratio
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    @SukMikeHok I can’t see an obvious joke or sass from this much info
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    @neriald it doesn’t actually. https://cnn.com/2017/04/...

    If I as a platform owner tell you I don’t want your content on there, for whatever reason, then it’s not a freedom of speech issue.

    If however we published it, and the government blocked it or told us to take it down, then it’s a freedom of speech issue.

    It’s a funny line to walk, but it doesn’t apply to private citizens and businesses.
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    I once wrote a debugging script in latex to detect invisible characters and replace it into "fuck off" for the anger and time I wasted to get the damn thing compiled but forgot to remove one in the final draft of my Masters thesis:(
    I got questioned but didn't get punished :)
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    @Brolls but the thing is. It's not swearing. Saying things like the answer is Holocaust is extemism.
    The word Holocaust itself is just a form of genocide.
    I have used both genocide and suicide as method names. Genocide to kill a specific group of children and suicide to kill itself of course.
    These are real world concepts that have been used by people in a very bad way. Learn from it. Expelling just teaches people not to mention atrocities. Teaching the the bloke about Naziism and if he really wants that to be the output of the already hellish mathlab could give him some perspective
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    @hjk101 It may be stupid using this word, but that doesn't make him a Nazi (a Nazi would even deny said Holocaust happened).
    Sure we use words and symbols to condense certain ideas and meanings, but banning a word doesn't extinguish the idea attached to it, it will merely change its form. In the end you have to look at the context and the whole form of any expression to fully judge it. If he had called it "DeathToJews" or sth then I could understand such the expellation,..but for one context less word (that's just grist to the mill for the anti-SJW)?
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    Holocaust, noun, 1. a sacrifice that is completely burned to ashes 2. A near or complete annihilation of a group of animals or people, whether by deliberate agency or by natural agency

    Not an insult nor a political statement without the right context.

    This sounds so much like that master/slave thing in python all over again...
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    @phorkyas sorry missed your reply. Didn't know about the denial part. Thanks

    The rest is exactly what I was trying to say. In so glad this community has so many intelligent people. Now how do we combat this cancerous SJW movement?
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