PHP Devs quick question,
I have a project using PleskPHP5 (or that's the processor I found in config)

I'm a bit familiar with Laravel though I'm not sure, are they different? How to migrate to Laravel?

And the project was developed on Windows and I want to use it on Linux do I need to change anything?

I'm a complete noob in php but I want to learn with that project

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    PHP is platform independent, if it was bad programming maybe a few paths have to be fixed when there are hard-coded paths.

    Never heard of Plesk so can't help you with that. Laravel is really nice though
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    @Codex404 Thanks man, I'm setting up my environment now, if I try to run it on Laravel it will pinpoint all issues or how do I know if it is fully compatible?
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    Beyond file paths needing to be rewritten - mostly the whole “c:\path\to\file” becoming “/var/www/path/to/file” it should be alright.

    It’s been that long since I’ve done a cross platform migration I can’t remember the side affects, I think they were mostly going into windows though and not the other way.

    As for testing, this is where unit testing would be absolutely useful, otherwise you have a long few days ahead of you going over everything making sure it works as expected.
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    Laravel and Plesk are 2 entirely different things. Plesk is just a web host manager similar to cPanel.
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    @gitpush While I think Laravel is a great choice for learning proper PHP, I recommend you to upgrade PHP to version 7 or better 7.2. The performance increase is definitely worth the quick upgrade process and I hope the old code will still work. But then if it won't the rewrite is worth it.
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    @Wombat @200OK @C0D4 Thanks guys, I'll checkout what happens and see where it goes, I've completed setting up environment lets see what else could be done
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    Plesk 😬 all the luck my man, you'll need it πŸ˜…
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    @linuxxx why? Is it that bad 😨
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    @gitpush Most occurrences I've had with it were not the best nope πŸ˜…

    By the way, could you message me on signal again? I might have lost your number πŸ˜…
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    Laracasts.com is your friend
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    @rant1ng great thanks manπŸ˜€
    @linuxxx check your signal πŸ˜€
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