* phone conversation with Dad*
Dad: What are you doing?
Me: Busy creating website.
Dad: So, if I type " www", will I be able to see it?
Me: *explaining website hosting and servers for 15mins straight*
Dad: Huh. You do learn something in college then.

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    Wow, savage😎
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    Why would you waste the time to explain?

    "No sir. I'm just making it, it has to be uploaded to the internet before that happens."

    Boom. Easy as that
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    @Stuxnet No, that might not work. What non devs know about "uploading to the internet" is just uploading to Facebook or any other social network.
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    @Stuxnet maybe she has a dad that's capable of understanding stuff
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    @electrineer Perhaps, but I feel if he was capable of understanding it, it wouldn't take a 15 minute explanation.

    @leksyib True, but at the end of the day, these people aren't gonna care or remember it, so why bother?
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    And I always disable the www subdomain 😅
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    @linuxxx double-u double-u double-u dot
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    @Stuxnet Unfortunately, " Sir" being here is DAD. 😂
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    @linuxxx redirecting to www makes more sense. Especially if later you decide to use cookies and want to serve static resources over a cookie-free subdomain.
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    It's gonna be even harder to explain the concept of autodidacticism and the fact that 90% of college is just showing your face, filling out forms and playing nice for half a decade so they hand you a piece of paper with a title on it to unlock positions at the companies with dogmatic HR departments.
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    Well done! Spread the techical knowledge of how internet works!
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    @Fast-Nop I hate the www subdomain. Mostly because it's inefficient more text and also because it's hell on earth to explain people it's literally nothing more than a subdomain.
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    @linuxxx inefficient more text? For transfer? Come on. For typing? Redirect non-www to www, done. Your take on the point with the cookie-free subdomain?
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah I'm genuinely serious. Especially with extremely short domains. We've got nu.nl (Dutch news site) for example and they redirect it to fucking www. then you get www.nu.nl.... nearly half the fucking domain is www then and yes, I find that inefficient.

    The other part is that I come across clients trying to log into their username@www.theirdomain.com and explaining that that's not possible is hell. Many things with explaining that www is just a subdomain are hell.

    I'd use start.thedomain.tld for that stuff myself.

    https://www.much-security.nl ;)
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    @linuxxx so www is inefficient. 4 bytes where even pages under a 100k are nearly extinct these days. That doesn't make sense.

    But you seem to think that using cookies for static resources is efficient? Or how do you tackle cookie free subdomains? Using another domain?
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    @Fast-Nop I don't do tracking/login stuff so I don't use cookies...
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    @Fast-Nop I just don't like that its there while its not necessary and except for its 'status' and the cookies thing, it doesn't add anything imo.
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    @bittersweet you are so damn right.
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    Whenever i try to explain:
    my dad: stop it!
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    @Stuxnet wait what? If you can go from first principles to understanding exactly how it works in 15 minutes, you're hardly incapable...
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    @masterdoctor Just because OP spent 15 minutes explaining something doesn't mean he understands it.

    I'd bet he couldn't generalize what was told to him today if you asked.

    People don't fucking care. They just want their shit to work and work instantly. That's it.

    That scene in Silicon Valley when Gilfoyle explains what he does for a living sums it up nicely.


    Edit: Plus I've got a friend who's a pharmacist, and they spent 15 minutes explaining something to me, but I couldn't tell you half of what they said. I was lost for the vast majority of their speech lol
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    When I was a kid, well, I still am, to my parents at least xD

    My parents explained things in full details rather than give me simplified kid-versions. We often talked about their work, things that need to be done, people they needed to meet, what people think about them, etc.

    I think it helped the little me understand that things are more complicated than they seem to be.

    So even if my parents don't understand, I try to explain things in full detail with little to no jargons, because not only it's my way of showing respect, but because from time to time they give me crazy inspirations!

    So kudos to OP, hope you keep doing that with your father! I'm sure he likes conversing with you about your work too, as I love talking about my parents' or my job with them ♥
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    I used to have conversations like this all the time with my father. He’d really listen. I miss those times. Cherish the time you have with your dad. One day all you’ll have are these sweet memories!
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