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    I do both but I prefer back-end, CSS makes me cringe
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    @const CSS is sensitive.
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    Backend, it's curvier
    Seriously tho, I don't understand humans, I understand machines better, their behaviour is deterministic. And I dislike visual decisions.
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    Full stack, why limit yourself to only part of the fun?
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    @C0D4 I'm not creative enough to do front end. Some of these CSS wizards are fucking awesome and I'd give a lot of money to have an ounce of their talent, tbh.
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    @Stuxnet there’s some creatives out there that’s for sure, but I do enjoy building a back end then bringing it to life with a half decent UI.
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    Been doing full stack since the start, learned so much. But I'm moving towards front end now, I like it when the stuff I build is interacted directly with by the user; makes me feel that the work I do has a big impact. Would be impossible to create a nice user experience without a good back-end though, so I won't forget our silent heroes.
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    @Stuxnet Most backend langs are case sensitive too.
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