Upgrading storage.

Windows: Replace HDD with higher capacity.

MacBook Air: Start using SD card slot as external storage.

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    Linux: Mount half of you RAM as secondary storage thats deleted every time you reboot.
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    @Haxk20 sounds realistic lol
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    Isn't sd card is fast?
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    SD cards are slow.
    But tiny with a gigantic capacity, so whatever.
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    If that exists in your mac!
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    @Root well, my mom's friend asked me for help with reinstalling Windows on Asus EEE, and it had an SD card inside
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    @mishaor Those things? With the Atom cpu?
    An SD card as primary storage isn't the bottleneck in those lol
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    @Root yes. It had (and has, because security there is not really a matter, it's going to be used as a music player anyway, and Linux is not an option to install, because mom's friend don't really knows how to use anything != Windows XP I guess) Windows XP.
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    @mishaor Well, anything newer and the music might skip 😂
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    @Root I've got one of those too. Works well with Damnsmall or Slacko. OTOH the performance says FreeDOS.
    But yeah, SD card it is for any of those endeavors. And yeah, the performance sticks.
    Bought mine for Warwalking, but back in 2009, you couldn't go anywhere without people looking at the damn thing and saying "aww how tiny" and looking at what you're doing... Not the best thing in a society that calls the cops when they see a terminal window or an IDE.
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