Apparently, PewDiePie fans reached the GTA:O too

Also, subscribe to Pewds!

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    This is why i love the internet lmao
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    Ban all bitch lasagna!
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    Famous youtubers can DIAF.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 Yea entertainment is overrated. Who needs that when you can be miserable asf!
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    That's just sad
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    Subscribe to baby wogue, peter sripol !!!!
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    Insecure Pewdiepie and his gang of 9 yr old soldiers fighting a one sided war against a music channel for dominance over... YouTube subscriber count?

    When he could be using his outreach to literally make a difference in the world, he resorts to malign, belittle others to further his own selfish ambitions. Fuck this cancerous, insecure piece of shit.
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    Ah I don't like either of them. But I hate t series more.
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    @anudroid Are you sure you don't mix him up with some other person?
    Pewds is the complete opposite of insecure and this whole "war" against T-Series is in his eyes not a war at all. He himself said it multiple times that he doesn't reallycare if another channel will take over. It's the community who doesn't want him to lose his lead in subscribers.
    You don't have to like him at all, but if you talk about him, please at least know what you are talking about, not some shallow impression from watching 1 video.

    He just made a live stream yesterday for raising money for an indian organization helping children which are forced to child labour. https://www.gofundme.com/27bcfh44
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    @PonySlaystation ++ for you sir. I personally think that he is one of the normal guys on the YouTube.
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    @ceee are you changing your avatar? OoOoOoOo
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    @wowotek changed a little 😬
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    Why would I waste my already limited time on watching a grown man act like a little child being ridiculous.

    PewDiePie = Reality TV Garbage of the internet.
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    @unclekev Nobody makes you watch it.

    But running around bitching about some people's source of entertainment is childish and pretty wack 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I mean, I agree he's pretty washed up and all, but there's no point to shit on people watching him.
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    @kenogo what he said.
    No hate for pewds. Quite the opposite instead. I consume pewds videos, besides of other videos from other YouTubers, weekly. Sometimes even daily. It depends on my mood.
    But all these subscribe to xyz type of memes are getting out of hand. They are annoying.
    Go subscribe his channel, if you like his character, humor, opinion, type of speaking, content, etc.
    But please do not pressurize it by sharing it literally everywhere.
    The only place where I do not get reminded of that is when I am in the WC.
    With all the respect towards you guys. Please stop sharing it.
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