How did you learn git?

Any good material you'd like to share? Gits about time I learn it lol

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    man git
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    I learnt it because I needed on a school's project but recently I found this on a website : https://learngitbranching.js.org
    I don't know if you can learn everything with that but that's the beginning ^^
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    Learnt the basics following the elementary os vala examples...

    And a fair bit from my time with arch

    (I use arch btw)
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    GitHub has a basic tutorial that is pretty nice with an interactive shell.
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    @AlgoRythm You ever do the codecademy course on git? I kinda like the way their courses are set up.
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    Lotus posture, eyes closed, and repeat the phrase "git gud" until you know it.
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    @ihatecomputers Don't think my legs can bend into that shape lol
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    Mess up a lot and Google frantically trying to fix it..
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    Trial and error.
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    Trial by fire.
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    My aha moment was realizing it actualy changes your working files, so it's like working on any version of your code that you want, anytime you want, at a moments notice.
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    Lots of rmdir, mkdir, cd dir, git clone
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    I need to learn it too
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    @Bubbles Yea I'm potentially going to take on a freelance job making a website over Christmas break.

    Even if I don't, then I need to work on my own site as well, since I've got a domain name lol
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    @Stuxnet I didn't. I stopped codecademy back in 2014 or so
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    Atlassian has a nice overview, I started from there once I knew the basic commands
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    create a repo and try everything that might be of use for you. create your own cheatsheet. gits possibilities are huge but for beginners it might make sense to focus on basic committing at first. nothing special but if it helps:
    also there are apps for command overview:
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    From official git documentation.
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    Sat with my mentor for like, 20-30 minutes after doing some basic homework (what it is, what it does, what's the basic concept) and then fucking up a branch or two (or ten) till I had some confidence. Now I hardly screw up branches, just stuck with massive amounts of merge conflicts.
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    Learning by doing. They gave us tutorials in programming class and insisted we use it. Same in several projects. A git course is offered on many student events for coding.
    In the big projects we also do git tutorials if we have members not familiar with it.
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    I came from subversion. Although I knew about git, it was far from being as usable as it is today, so I introduced subversion at my workplace. That was a decade ago. (They had copy&rename on folders as their version control. ^^)

    Then, some years ago, I stumbled about a nice article about the differences between svn and git. The article nicely showed how easy all the stuff I hate with subversion (branch, tag, merge) are with git.

    Here is what I did:

    1. Moved one of my private repos on sourceforge from subversion to git

    2. Googled and found https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2

    3. Experimented with my private repo

    4. Convinced my CTO to let me introduce and move to git three weeks later

    5. "Installed" a central git user on one of our servers with cgit in the background for an intranet representation

    6. Wrote a guide for my colleagues

    It took three months, but the company is on git since then. SVN? Never again!
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    I installed git

    Followed the basics from https://git-scm.com and away I went.
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    @lxmcf is definitely from north India. Everywhere they use 'wala'. Like vo wala, ye wala. lol
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