Me: asking about a problem in javascript
Other: do u use a framework?
me: yes
other: which one?
me: vue
other: i would use angular because this and that

me in my head: okey thanks but its not a problem with the framework lol
pls stop this. react, angular, vue are all doing the same

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    Lemme get an amen in the back please.

    People that say shit like "you should use x instead of y" piss me off.

    If I wanted to ask about y or for your opinion on what I should use, I would.

    But news flash: I didn't. I asked for help with x.
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    @Stuxnet but it's totally not a problem to scrap everything and start over with a different framework 🙃 also not a waste of time at all.
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    For every javascript problem theres at least 10 jquery solutions on SO
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    "I can't do X"
    "Nobody does X, do Y"
    +9001 upvotes on Stack Overflow
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    Yeah dude. Every single js framework is same. Use the framework you love. Thats why everyone uses React. Others are shit.
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    I disagree. Whenever I encounter a problem, I choose to give up and start anew with a new framework.

    Suffice to say I shave never finished a project since the late 90’s.

    This is how I managed to have 20 years of experience in over 430 frameworks.
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    I read that as "react, angular and vue are all the same"

    T R I G G E R E D
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    React, angular and vue are the same.
    Be different, use Jquery!
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    The only time i ever did something similar was when someone on a discord asked for help with the Win32 API, i suggested him to go get Qt or something similar

    I did help him solve the original problem afterwards though
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