So Facebook provided unlimited data access to loads of companies including spotify/microsoft and other big names.

Although there are privacy rules, those companies had deals which excluded them from these privacy rules.

I don't think my custom DNS server or a pihole is enough anymore, let's firewall block all Facebook's fucking ip ranges.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/facebook-gave...

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    Problem here is that most people dont care about privacy that much.
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    Shocking but not a nicht surprise, sadly
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    @zemaitis Whether or not you care about privacy is entirely irrelevant here.
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    @needToRoll True, sadly :/
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    That's really crappy.. perhaps I should really delete my Facebook account already. On a different subject, why on Earth did the writer have to embolden small parts of the article? Fossbytes ain't a school homework where you have to highlight this or that part of the curriculum for studying purposes, right. It's so annoying when writers do that in news articles. As if I shouldn't read everything and just stick with the emboldened shit. Just because embracing the increasing illiteracy of people under the umbrella of "letting them save time" is supposed to be a good thing? 😑
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    @zemaitis And why is that irrelevant? Because this is completely fucking illegal in at least my country.

    Whether you do or don't care about privacy, other companies should never have full access to all data of all users without their explicit consent. (that's a EU law by the way, not sure about outside of the EU)
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    @linuxxx Well if most people would care about their privacy, then facebook wouldnt get away with this shit.

    In ideal world this would be illegal, but companies like facebook are lobbying and they have lawyers working around the clock to find loopholes, so rest assured that they are covered on legal grounds.
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    @zemaitis I think that a trillion dollar company can get away with quite some stuff.
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    @zemaitis @linuxxx the problem is just like Trump, PRISM, Panama Papers, they can get away with anything until it's exposed somehow. Until then we don't know they're doing it.
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    @irene I nearly never agree with you but now I goddamn do.
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    @zemaitis Nothing ideal world, this is revealed from internal documents and interviews with ex employees/whistleblowers.
    At least over here this is illegal as fuck and definitely not within their privacy policy.
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    @irene They got a fine of about 550.000 pounds in the UK for the ENTIRE Cambridge analytica scandal so yeah, too badly...
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    @iKameo Fuck formatting for now (all publicly known ip ranges):
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    I am very happy this happend.
    Not because my data was shared (I never trusted Facebook so I never had an account there, furthermore it is blocked in my whole network, too), but because this is the point at which finally this damn shit of evil company comes to an end.
    Oh yeah!
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    Wait so netflix could access any user message or the user needs to login with their facebook account first?
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    @linuxxx Since Cambridge analytica was pre-GDPR this was the maximum allowed fine...
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    @echonox What I can read out of the original NY-Times article, an explicit "social login" was not required. On the other side it seems Netflix & co. never knew what they could have done.
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    @echonox Any user message for as far as I understand
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