Corporate developers... Is your job exciting? Do you enjoy the work place environment you are in? I ask because corporate work environments I've heard are very dry and boring.

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    I'm lucky with where I'm at. Though what's interesting is that I'm a Software Developer on a Network Services Team. So I've got an interesting perspective.
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    Huge enterprises could be dry but not always. I spent many years in large orgs and enjoyed it for the most part. More bureaucracy but also integral opportunities to move up.
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    Mine is pretty cool, hows your environment exactly?
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    I hate mine, but I've been places that were great. I guess it an depends
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    More stable than a startup. I like knowing I'll have a job next month
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    Mines rather dry too. My team is great, I've got nothing but good things there,I'm actually lucky. But outside that, rows and rows of cubicles feels really dull and the workplace is quiet and dry. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. The jobs very stable, so there are pros and cons of course
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    Could be worse.

    Could be working $9 an hour, 32 hours a week at a gas station because crippling anxiety means it doesn't matter what you can actually do because the thought of a live interview makes you want to take up day drinking.
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