Debian team removed a package "weboob" due to anti-harassment policies. Quick, bring the popcorn!


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    Wtf Debian, I believed in you !
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    Retards. And I wanted to use Debian. Oh well.
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    This "American" political correctness is so annoying.

    I can't believe the world is giving up to those SJWs (Stupid Justice Warriors).

    Good thing about living in a third world country, we don't have a capacity for this fake social justice. Hell, we don't even have fair elections.
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    @metamourge Me Too. I'll move to LFS soon. No political correctness guides. No binaries. No repositories, just freedom... and lots of compiling from source.
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    @irene At least they didn't get Stallman yet. If they get Stallman, I'll make my last stand against those mindless zombies. You're welcome to join me, but bring your own food and ammo (and preferrably something alcoholic for um... disinfection).
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    @irene Works for me :)
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    @irene Wooooo Hoooo. Large amounts of military grade explosives combined with high proof alcohol - my kind of party :)
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    @irene Never mess with the Russians...
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    @irene Well, messing with either enough to make them care would be both dumb and difficult as a regular person.

    Still, I don't want to be on the receiving end of that kind of shelling...
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    Don't they know that males have boobs too?
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    @electrineer I'm pretty sure some skinny white woman with blue hair would say obese people would find this offensive.

    And they seem to run the world now because most of those who used to run shit have turned into dysfunctional zombies afraid of conflict.
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    Ok hang on. Shouldn’t getting offended over the word boob offend the feminists who have been fighting to destigmatize breasts?

    Giving into people who want to rename something with “boob” in the name is kind of like giving into the people who say you can’t breastfeed your child in public.

    It’s like look, I don’t care that it offends you. You’re welcome to be offended, but don’t expect me to change myself because of it.

    That’s how you deal with these trolls, you just fucking ignore them because they’re trolls.
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    @devios1 they should remove all other body parts as well if they remove boob
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    @electrineer Oh, I'd love to help there...

    *sharpens machete*
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    Its the master/slave thing all over again!
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    @knurek123 i'd rather have normal country with sjw problems and with decent economy than no-economy and "we love to be hugged by church and moscow, even without vaseline" approach like it is right now.
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    Too work just active the filter named "don't give a shit what gender you are !"
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    *sight* censorship at its finest...

    If people *decide* to pronounce it "Wee-Boob" and then get offended by their own decision, it is their own damn fault.

    I have decided to pronounce it "Web-Oh-Oh-Bee", and am completely comfortable with it.
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    @irene Well, I am waiting for the SJW mob to arrive in Germany any day now. For decades we have imported every fucking US trend, so this can't be long either.

    Until then, we are quite normal and can still say "Fuck!" in public. 😁
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    Those allowing you to smoke weed over those which put you in prison for it. Better countries are those which put value to human life, not divine feelings. If Poland can't be Germany* I'd rather have Poland be like Czechia not like Humgary nor Belarus.

    * and I'm not thinking of 1918-1939 Germany, or NRD.
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    @irene legal porn, soft drugs, abortion, brewery&distillery, and no catholic church. All benefits.
    The language is funny :)

    Downside is that, they have morons as politicians, but still nothing comparable to PL.
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    @irene where are you from? Lithuania? Estonia?
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    @irene No, watching porn in public would be "indecent behavior" and if minors were present you could be charged with "Propagation of pornographic content".

    But most people would, unless you press it in their faces, simply turn away instead of making a fuss.
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    > upset at Debian for changing things based on crazy people complaining about naming
    > decides to boycott Debian because of this, pretending like that's no crazier
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    @irene well, you know, being outdoors with my kids, visiting a park or being in public transportation, I don't want my kids to accidentally see porn watched by someone on an ipad or laptop.
    Problem is, not that seeing porn will bring trauma to the kid, but the kid will bring trauma to adults when trying to mimic what have just seen.

    I couldn't care less for other people and their traumas, but as it is for the kids, I'd rather save them from this.

    Another thing is that kids mimicking sexual activities are potentially revealing that they were abused. It's one of common signs of pedophile abuse. For that reason, it's better to keep porn out of children's sight.

    I've seen my son mimicking me playing guitar hero, driving my car, cooking, handling knife, powertools, washing his younger sister, and even arguing over the phone. I don't want him to mimic drinking and smoking. Or having sex. He is 3yo. It's enough that after me washing his ass, he wants to wash mine. That's about indecency.
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    @irene i was going to comment about arch but the i saw your comment lol
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    If they're removing names just because they reference gender-specific body parts, I wonder if they'll remove the "scrotwm" window manager as well?
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    I wonder, why ALL packages have to be in official repo? Can't they be imported like other packages, if they don't fit into official list? RedHat marked KDE as legacy package and probably wants to remove it from its repo. No ideological reasons for that, but it's much bigger issue, yet, noone is crying that loud!
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    @irene i remember you live somewhere near, but wasn't sure where. :)
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    @ilPinguino I hope Stallman tells them to get the batteries out of their phones and shove one after another really deep into their offended buttholes.
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