nintendo or networking equipment?

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    I find this absolutely hilarious
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    I would be actually excited as fuck in his age. I played with lot of them in most likely his age. Yes I'm a weird person.
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    Ohhh and it seems that that one is configurable trough terminal port. Glorious. I would have had so much fun with it. Sad that I already have my home network configured since I got that feeling that I have to configure something.
    Oh well I will just compile mesa and kernel from git since I forgot today to do so.
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    i would be the happiest human being
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    I would be soooo happy :0
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    This is the "you're not wrong, but I'm still disappointed" face
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    My parents would've gifted this.
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    @vocuzi with a "nintendo" sticker on it. =)
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    Related: I have three switches under my tree right now. Not wrapped or anything, though.
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    I could finally host the LAN Party I always dreamed of...
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    @finncyr my lan party device.
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    @Haxk20 I take that I’m not the only person with a ridiculously overly complex home network configuration, just for the fun of it?
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    @not-sure no you aren't.
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    Inreresting! LoL
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