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    I can accept the phone, you fucked up with the Mac
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    For those two things you spent as much as I did for an assembled desktop pc, a monitor, a pair of speakers, a laptop, a small netbook, a graphic tablet, a keyboard, a mouse, one android smartphone, over-ear and in-ear headphones, an audio interface and a kindle.

    Everything fully repairable/upgradable with little cost.

    I don't hate you, but why?
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    @michezio For the laptop, I make apps. Unfortunately, Apple locks down Xcode for only macOS so I didn’t have much choice, although in general I do have a preference for macOS now. I had a windows machine beforehand which ran macOS in a VM but it just made more sense to get a mac machine.

    The phone was my choice, it made sense to stay in the ecosystem to keep stuff like Photos, Airdrop, iMessages, Facetime etc.

    If I needed a mouse, monitor, keyboard, headphones I would have reconsidered my options. I also don’t have much use for a desktop anymore as I can just plug my laptop in.

    I understand the cost is a lot but I worked hard to get them & I can throw money at what ever company I want

    tl;dr they were my choice but I like the continuity between the devices, the ecosystem and the devices themselves.
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    Hey, I think there is some notebook on your stickers.
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    @iKameo I preferred a laptop as I (would) use it at home, school & work. A VM didn’t really work well either, it was just easier to get a mac.
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