Panic. 😟

I received two emails today inviting me for video call interviews at two companies I applied to.

I am supposed to select a date for this week or next week, but our office resumes work on Monday, the 7th.

I only have tomorrow and the day after (3rd and 4th) left for this week. I need time to prepare, so I am thinking of booking one for 4th and one for next week.


I am trying not to start the year by skipping work. I already skipped work in December because of a brief illness (lol).

I am thinking, if I go to work on that day, I might get summoned into a meeting and miss my interview. So, I have concluded that I will have to skip work on that day, but now I can't think of excuses.

Ideas? 🤔

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    Why would you need an excuse if it’s taken from your free days?
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    @just8littleBit We don't get leave days here. 😞
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    Why can't your excuse be "I'm interviewing for another position?"
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    I used to schedule phone interviews during my lunch. Sometimes for directly after my working day, but could never guarantee that time.
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    @spongessuck 😂😂. I have even thought of quitting completely, but the joke would be on me if I don't get these jobs, or any job for that matter. 😂
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    @psion1369 That actually seems like a very good idea!
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    @spongessuck Instantly fired
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    Tell them you lost somene and you want to take a day to mourn that person.
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    @zombieleet they probably want proof of the death...
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    @Mizz141 or probably he should tell them, he ate bad food and he had running stomach
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    @psion1369 My boss usually books meetings with clients same day. Or books it for some other day, doesn't inform me, then gets up one day and says "follow me, we have a meeting with XYZ company in 30 minutes". Otherwise, that's a good idea.
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    @wifi wat. What kind of boss does that to their Devs?

    I'd be pretty unhappy about it because if you can't make it for some reason it makes the company and you look bad.

    They're effectively undermining you.
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