If you think walking on your parents while they're having sex is bad, hear(read) this:
Today I heard my mom asked my dad her email's password, and she's a doctor. Why and how can't you memorize your only password? I mean if she wasn't a doctor this situation would be more believable.

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    He could just write it on paper and it would be fully encrypted
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    Maybe it's a mom thing? My mom, an otherwise brilliant lady, can't remember her passwords either. It's gotten so bad that she uses one of three passwords for everything and both my brother, father and I know them (+ her phone pin and Sim) so she can ask anyone 🤔
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    Being a doctor or smart in general doesn't instantly correlate to being technologically competent.
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    @Elyz at least it's 3 and not 1 :s
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    @Stuxnet remembering a password relates in no way to being technologically competent

    I wish I could still correct the first word of my previous comment. Oh well.
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    I don't think you have actually walked into your parents having sex.

    Try it.

    It is definitely worse.
    Your mom forgetting her password is cute compared to that.
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    @cursee I'll ask them to do that for me, I'll inform you of the result. But seriously, as I know myself I'd probably react like: "Whoops, continue doing what you were doing." or, ..., uhh, now that I'm imagining that, you're right, I prefer the password.
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    @Kreepy 😏 you fall for it and now you will be living with it for the rest of your life 😝
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    Who the fuck remembers passwords?
    Mine are so fucking complex these days I rely on the computer to remember them, or I make a note of them in my notes app on my phone/mac.
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