Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab?
And why?

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    @electrineer Didn't get it.
    Noob here 🤔
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    @returnN his answer was:
    A, B or C?
    True (yes)

    42 (the answer to everything)
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    @returnN selfhosted Gogs (or anything else).

    42 is from the book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Google for it, or better, read the book!
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    would choose github over bitbucket. had some annoying issues with bitbucket...
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    From my experience - GitLab because it provides you with a self-hosted GitHub alternative, has a free Community Edition without any scale/size limits or any absolutely necessary basic features hidden behind fees. And you can implement interconnectivity from GitLab to/between the other two. Can't say anything about BitBucket other than if it's by Atlassian get ready to pay money hand over fist.

    For personal consumption - Gogs, Gitea or any other alternative.
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    Gitea, because it is selfhosted, lightweight (not like gitlab) and open source.
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    GitHub, because
    - bigger community/userbase
    - more robust
    - been quite a while using it, and never experienced problems, so makes no sense in switching
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    Saving to file system then zipping the whole thing. Might as well tar the zip just to be sure.
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    I tend to use Github, for no other reason than it tends to be what everyone else uses.
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    Fossil, because I'm a fucking hipster like that
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    Github because they now have free private repositories but only limited to 1GB per repo. There's also a free Github Desktop for Mac
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    Bitbucket for private repos. I like their sourcetree.
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    - can be self hosted
    - unlimited privates repo
    - unlimited collaborators for private repo (or maybe not but definitely more than 3,5 limitations by competitors)
    - CI/CD (deployment)
    - Operations (for environments etc)
    - Registry (for docker)
    - wiki
    - integrations (with slack, etc)
    - can easily push/pull from non-gitlab repo (yes can easily work together with any GitHub repos)
    - above all are available to free user using their online version

    - limitations for free users
    - strong community
    - almost every devs have GitHub account
    - Microsoft product (good thing for some, bad thing for some)
    - not open source
    - good issues system
    - wiki only for pro accounts
    - simple kanban style task management tool
    - webhooks (for integrations and services)
    - can't easily work with repos outside of GitHub
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    - limitations for free users
    - nicely integrated and work well with all other Atlasian products (which are not always free)
    - somewhat annoying UI compared to the competitors
    - not lots of open-source devs are using it

    Lazy corporate with cash : BitBucket
    Individual and small team : GitHub
    More than 4 pax team with no budget : Gitlab

    Answer to OP
    Using gitlab
    Why? Look at above summary.
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    @cursee guess I'll switch back to Gitlab again. Thanks to you
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    I dont think @electrineer thought
    of that but 42 is a ASCII code for ?
    and ? is a wildcard that means everything. So everything is a anwser 🤔
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    Private git server
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    @deodexed you're smart AF man
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    @HoloDreamer Does Sourcetree work well for you? It seemed good initially, but it's slow as anything on my machine and a massive memory hog with large repos.
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    @returnN yea that's what I've been told indeed.
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    @AlmondSauce i haven't had any issues. I only use it for my projects, they are not that huge.
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