If you’re:
- Always tired
- Feeling lost
- Constantly bored
- Indifferent toward the future
Then it’s time to realize you’re going through life on autopilot without any passion.

Find what you’re passions are and pursue them with everything you have. Stop wasting yourself.

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    I started to code recently and I needed this so badly ,
    Program exited with thanks;😭😭😭😭😭
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    Pursue your passion so despite of tired, bored and lost you can also feel disappointed 😀
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    Shut the fuck up, im happy being a miserable piece of shit okay?
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    Ur wrong mate
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    Id like to say, that one should rather know when to turn the autopilot off and when on again.
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    What @rantalicious said. Depression’s a sneaky, insidious beast that creeps in and slowly strangles you, so slowly that you don’t even realize it’s happening until all of a sudden you wake up to realize you can’t even motivate yourself to get out of bed, let alone feel passionate about anything.

    So, you know, check in with yourself to see how long you’ve felt the way you feel, if it’s affected by doing anything differently, and make absolutely sure you’re addressing your hierarchy of needs.

    But if it *is* just that you’re forcing yourself to do things that cause you nothing but anguish, I wholeheartedly agree you should evaluate your motives and see if you can find something that provides you more joy in this life. Because life’s too short to feel like shit for no good reason.
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    Sometimes you just have to stop and realized you’ve been doing stupid stuff.

    You can’t get out of a hole by digging.

    Say it out loud! Take control of your money and your life. Money works for you! Not the other way around.
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    I mean, like, I need to stop being me?
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    Or just going through high school....
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    @karma abso-fucking-lutely, Passion is not everything, and even if you "follow" it, there is no guarantee that things become ponies and rainbows.
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    @chaoticdenim and they say to be "original", be "you".
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    ...and the phrase of the day is "burned out"
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