Why are all the feminists silent who support equality between genders regarding the Jeff Bezos case? They should suggest her to be independent and not take her husbands assets right? 🤔🤔

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    Hum. I believe they would say that in fact she is entitled to that half because she supported him while he was working towards a career. So she probably did the unpaid home jobs like taking care of home and the kids while he tried to make things work.

    Thus without her support the family unit would have not held and he would have not suceeded.

    The independence thingy is more of a topic so that people dont fall automatically into gender roles. In other words, its fine if the woman goes to work and the man doesnt. Or its fine if she does have kids and focuses on career. Or in her case she could hire people to clean and take care of the house so she could do other things. But that creates other problems with feminism as usualy children carer a prefered to be women (gender role or fear of predatory men or simply the fact that in general women empathize more)... And blablablablabla
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    @code-god if you want to use those terms yes. Its a bit insensitive though.

    In my terms, when you enter a relationship and both take on different roles they both sacrifice things on each side. The worker spends less time with the family and the other does not practice skills.

    Thus,as a team you support each other and in the event of the team breaking up, both should receive the rewards of the team work.

    More issues come up saying that the worker is better off because the other family person wont have save skills or experience to find a job let alone a proper one. In that case should they be compensated more? Probably, at least it does seem fair.
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    Apparently she contributed to the ideas that went on to develop the essence of Amazon. That aside, Mr Bezos will make it all back. Think of how Mr Gates gives away large chunks of his money and always makes it back. He is losing a portion of wealth, not income.
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    @Santaclauze Ok sir. Prenup is the way to go 😂
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    @code-god puting thing black on white is never a bad idea :)
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    She was instrumental in getting Amazon running, was a key partner. She earned her share. It's pretty mysogenistic to suggest she was only doing the housework and laundry and meals. She did a lot of the grunt work, but he gets all the creds. Note, she earned it.
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    @iAmNaN I even dare to say Amazon would not have come that far (or at least a lot slower) without her.
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    @code-god "Duties"?!!!!!
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    @Alice yeah, the duties of the wife... Taking care of children etc. Basically the same as what husbands do. Work, earn money and taking care of the family.
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    @iAmNaN how is it misogynistic? I dont know about their lives and i assumed that he worked and she cared for their family.

    Im still surprised that people think that women are not the best carer when your family has kids. Sure men can do it. But when i see my baby feeding on the nipple and the connection they have i wouldnt want it any other way.

    This could have remained a decent conversation without labeling each other. I didnt know about their life until this whole divorce thing started. It would have been curtious to bring unknown information without being an asshole, its really unproductive. I can feel bad with my own deductionsand rectify my thoughts. Labeling just creates push back.

    Fark i hate this trend.
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    @Nanos i disagree. I will be getting married soon. It takes time to find the right person.

    A person where you can have difficult conversations and not rip each other appart or call each other names! Where you support each other.

    The more you burn yourself the closer you get to what is best for you. Unless you are crazy or freaking unlucky.
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    @code-god what you have to remember is Jeff Bezos had very little. His wife would have been like you want a prenup? We make the same wage at a this hedge fund lol. At some point he had the idea to start Amazon and I’m sure she contributed to it to a degree. Prenup only makes sense if assets are lopsided going in, and even then only sometimes.

    Edit: would also make sense for to asset heavy people. If both people have businesses that are their primary income, and they only want to wear spouse hat, not business partner hat, that is another time.
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    @Santaclauze read the original statement by the OP again.
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    @iAmNaN i see it as curiosity. Probably coming from a slight ignorant side but nevertheless something to start a conversation. I still stand by my comment, no reason to label some one so quickly.

    You can have a conversation with some one and lead them to the same conclusions without calling them an asshole.
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    @Santaclauze calling someone mysogenist, and stating that something they wrote is mysogenistic are different. 😉
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    @iAmNaN Then Bezos was an arsehole to not offer material compensation for her investment
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    @Santaclauze `Women being the best carer for a child` != `Women only caring for a child without support from the father`
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    @iAmNaN cant deny that. Its just very strong words that are used way too lightly nowadays.
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