I was nights out drinking yesterday. Today I discovered that I've booked a flight and a hotel for Lisbon. I don't remember doing that. πŸ˜†

Well... it's non refundable, so vacation it is.

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    Or you know... Someone got your details. World ask Them which IP made that booking
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    Make sure you plan a day trip to Sintra, it's awesome.
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    Yes please more travel tipps! Thank you @Fast-Nop
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    I think that's beautiful! A little spontaneity is really helpful. Just don't get loaded when you're there and wake up next to an individual of your gender who tells you he's your new husband and you two got married by a Franco impersonator last night at a louche bar on the wrong side of the tracks! lol
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    lol 🀣
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    During the day: Belém (for Pastéis de Belém - custard pies?), Museu da Electricidade (by the river), Chiado, Adamastor, Cais do Sodré, Baixa, Castelo de São Jorge, Alfama.

    During the night: Bairro Alto for drinks, then clubbing!

    You'll love it here! :)
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    @heyheni Sintra is really nice indeed, but start your day early then, as there's a lot to see and long queues sometimes. If you wanna get a good overview of the city, book a guided city bike trip. The Bairro Alto is really nice for going out, and the Alfama is the oldest part of town, definitely worth a visit too. You get an awesome view over the whole town from the old fortress there. For awesome food, visit the TimeOut Foodmarket. Make sure to try Pasteis de Nata, they're delicious! And Portuguese wine is superb too.
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    fuck airport taxi drivers!
    It's always the same!
    They always scam me 😀
    Taximeter said 25€ and he made me pay 40€. No wonder taxi driver are crying that uber drive them out of business.
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    wow now i've been robed on the streets Lisbon. That's a good start.
    My last robbery was only two weeks ago. Feels awesome to feel desired that much. πŸ˜†πŸ˜’
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    @heyheni wow. You've gotten a rotten start. Uber is a thing in Lisbon, btw. And there is a decent subway system too
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    Now i've gotten the flu and now i'm trapped into my stinky hotel bed.
    One of my worst decision ever to get drunk that night. haha πŸ˜†
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    @heyheni I was just about to ask if you're still alive o.O get well soon! How long are you in Lisbon actually?
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    @CoffeeNcode with the luck that @heyheni has, it wouldn't astonish me if the subway were hi-jacked and diverted directly to Cuba.
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    @Fast-Nop or north Korea
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    @Fast-Nop that would be an adventure I'd love. πŸ‘
    I experienced a train derailment in the middle of a snowy forest once.

    And once the train ripped off the electric overhead lines and we were stuck in the middle of a 8 kilometer long dark tunel for 5 hours. After 3 hours the reserve battery of the train coaches run out of juice and the lights went off. Women screaming. That was fun πŸ˜„

    @CoffeeNcode thank you 😊.
    Until friday morning.
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    @heyheni I hope you get well soon enough to still enjoy your stay then ^^ are you into good coffee, by chance? I know a good place in town
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    @CoffeeNcode I'd love to visit your magical place. πŸ˜ƒ
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    @heyheni that sounds a little weird πŸ˜… but check out Fabrica coffee roasters if you can. Superb coffee
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    @heyheni obligatory question by now: are you alive and better?
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    @CoffeeNcode yes sleeping on paracetamol is one of my favourite activities. Thank you for asking. ☺️
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