Watched a whole movie and my code is still compiling xD

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    Was gonna ask if it was the Linux kernel, then saw your tags.

    Is that a step for Arch?
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    @NeedsMoreDivs actually trying to build an LFS system (first time xD) and I'm compiling gcc which takes forever especially on older hardware :/
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    @konicm8ker ah. Well then, carry on.👍

    (Yes, that was a cop-out)
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    Did you use make -j4 cuz... It helps sometimes
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    I used to compile Android Kernel, and like what @Ximidar said, using -j4 helps (actually its #of cores, not just 4).

    Using j4 took 4 mins to compile kernel after clean.
    Without it took roughly 10 minutes
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    @gitpush I'm actually familiar with the j switch. Just wanted safer compiling this time when building LFS bc I ran into probs before and I think it was due to parallel compiling as it can create hard links to /tools/.. according to LFS anyways.
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    @konicm8ker I'm sorry I'm no pro in that lol 😅
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    @gitpush apparently I'm not either xD I'm just hoping to get through this LFS experience just to see if I can lol
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