How do you learn to design the UI for mobile app? I don't have problem with business logics but my app is hella ugly 😂

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    just use material design and make good use of space
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    @calmyourtities no, no, no.

    I dont like google, but I kept using youtube because there is no good alternative. After theie latest theme change I stopped using youtube too because of material design. Ive said this before but when talk about consistency Material Design is the worst out there. I have minor OCD and it actually hurts me..

    Use any design pattern or use no styling at all, everything is better than material...
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    It is hard not gonna lie, the space is so small compared to desktop
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    @Codex404 i can kinda see where you're coming from, but also i've never heard of someone not using youtube because of material design
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    @calmyourtities I guesd you have never seen a person with OCD before
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    If you want some feedback or guidance, share your app and I would be happy to provide some. I am not a UX designer by trade, but I manage several of them and have some experience.
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    @halliFacks I probably will, once I back home. It's not fully done yet 😂

    @calmyourtities yup flutter encourage you to use material design for Android anyway but yeah to get to the make good use part is kinda clueless for me haha.

    @devTea right? And you have to use the space as compact as possible without sacrificing user experience.
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    Find Instagrams that is creating apps, and steal designideas
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