Well, this is certainly not encouraging. Get ready for LOTS of ads in Chrome and decreased performance.


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    So Google has reached the phase of "we are market leader, so we can fuck our users". Strange that marketing folks have such a hard time understanding that this doesn't work in the long run.
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    Anyone up for writing a new browser engine?
    (I'm only half joking)
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    @RememberMe forking Chromium would already do.
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    @Fast-Nop I was considering that, but seeing that Google controls chromium, it would get harder and harder to retropatch support for adblockers over time as the codebase evolves.

    Besides, I've always wanted to try writing a browser engine for fun 🤷‍♂️
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    I blame every web dev that hoped and helped achieve this monopoly by not developing for other browsers.

    You wished IE didn't exist, and made fun of edge? Well now MS is handing this market to Google. So go fucking enjoy the decline of web.

    I've said it before: web devs are lazy assholes... Your laziness and you are to blame for this.
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    @Fast-Nop nope.. These changes are too chromium itself not just chrome.
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    @MrCSharp that's why a forking Chrome wouldn't do, but I mentioned forking Chromium.
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    Firefox exists
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    Jeez, these comments scared the crap out of me... I was already sure they're going to cover all websites with their own ads or something.
    But all they did is disable adblockers... Is it really that bad?

    Personally, when I enter a website, I want to support its creators. When I read an article, just like this one, I want to support the person who wrote it. And if all it takes is having a picture of a car on the corner of my screen, or waiting five seconds for a video, and maybe sacrificing some RAM - then I usually wouldn't mind.
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    @PaperBag They haven't even disabled adblockers, they've just made it so that extensions can't download & run external scripts, which is what some adblockers rely on for special dynamic rules.

    Talk about impartial journalism...
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    Disabled adblock recently and saw shit ton of ads.
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    I've been using Firefox on my Linux box and Chrome on my windows box (don't ask me why) so I will probably switch to Firefox completely then...
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    Never looked back since I switched to Firefox...
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